Educational Benefits Of Homework-An Experts View

This paper will explain the educational benefits of homework through the view of an expert. The information you are about to read is from a professor of Duke University. There is no single name because the studies on the subject were done by a few teaching experts all from the same university. When you are done reading this you might think it was simple to come up with the findings in this study. The reason I think is because it really boils down to common sense.

Age decides if education benefits students

The biggest and best finding is age is the deciding factor in how effective homework is. Professionals in the education field feel strongly that to receive any kind of benefit from homework it must come from students from middle school on up. The belief is that younger children do not carry the thought process needed to grasp enough out of these assignments to be positive.

Elementary school students

Parents have a bigger effect on the younger students. Children that grow up in a household that have parents that take no interest in their education are slower in establishing good study habits. There are parents that do not believe in after school assignments altogether. It is believed that there is a correlation between intelligence and time taken to study. Doing the after school assignments should assist in better test taking as long as the amount of time studying is not enough to burn the pupil out.

Seventh grade and up

The average time spent on this work should be up to the ninety minutes up to the seventh grade. Seventh grade and higher should be up to 2 ½ hours. The habit of studying increases the ability to handle life lessons quicker. Lessons learned along the way are, time management, responsibility, discipline, and study habits. The positive thing about learning these skills is that in the higher grades of school the parents and teachers input become less and less.

Character building

Building character is a value that is priceless. The act of becoming an adult means making more and more decisions on your own. The thought that the more you study the better grades you will receive. The findings in these studies find it to be true. The education department can also pick up on other things that happen after school that can cause learning disabilities. Doing homework helps teachers gage how much of the class the student understands. There is too much positive feedback on the subject of doing homework to turn the other way.