How To Develop Good Homework Habits: A Guide For High School Students

Students who do their homework are more likely to succeed in school and in their future careers. The ability to work independently and to a deadline is vital to success in today’s fast paced world. Unfortunately, too many students do not come to school with good work habits. Many of them do not have the self discipline to establish them on their own. This is why parents and teachers need to help high school students build those skills.

Find a Common Location for Completing Homework

Students need to have a place to do their homework. This could be a desk, kitchen table, space on the floor, or even the school library. Once students establish a location, they are more likely to complete their work because they connect that place to getting work finished.

Set a Regular Time

After choosing a place to work, students need to set a common time. For many students, the best time is right after school. This is why students do so well when they can finish their homework in the school library or a tutoring location. Students who have practices or work after school can still schedule time to complete their studies as soon as they return from their commitments.

Provide High Quality Supplies

Students also need access to quality supplies. This is more than just a package of paper and a pencil. Students need to have computers or other resources so they can conduct research, look up words, and turn in assignments. Students who do not have access to a computer and the Internet at home are at a serious disadvantage. Technology is a vital part of the work world and the education, so the students who do not have computers do not build an automaticity and comfort-level with technology like their peer who do have access to it do.

Offer Rewards for Success

Some students need to have positive reinforcement for finishing their homework. While there are students who will simply get their assignments done without prodding from parents and teachers, there are some who will need to be praised for their time spent on homework. One of the best rewards for a high school student is time, whether they can spend time with friends or with their technology. You can also reward a student with a gift after grades improve based on doing homework.