Guidelines for students: finding homework answers

There is the old saying about things that are certain in life, which tends to include death and taxes. If you are a student, there is one thing that is certain in life - you will get homework. Students will search high and low for any type of help they can find to get the answers to their homework assignments. In many cases, students will not look for the answers until they finish their homework so they can check their work and make corrections themselves. For the students who do not know where to find answers, completing homework can be a frustrating experience that offers little to no learning opportunities.

Teachers Can Give Homework Answers and Specific Instructions

Having the answers to a homework assignment does not give students the inclination to cheat, especially if teachers lay out the ground rules for using answers. When teachers give the answers and ask students not to look at them until the assignment is done, it offers an incentive for completing the assignment. It also offers students so many learning opportunities. Since they are actively completing their homework with the knowledge that they can make corrections, they are more likely to take risks and try different ways to solve their homework problems. If students understand how important the process is, then they will appreciate the use of answers even more. Teachers need to be very clear about the purpose of the assignment and the purpose should be practice.

Check out the Textbook Websites

If your instructor does not give you homework answers, you do have places you can look. Many publishing companies have online homework sites that are included with the price of a textbook. The latest trend in textbook publishing is to provide a code for a homework website with every book or ebook that is sold. The cost of using the website is included in the price of the textbook, so students are encouraged to get their money’s worth and use the site as often as possible. These sites offer video tutorials, practice quizzes, answers to homework questions, and so much more. These sites are great places to check your work when you want to personally test yourself to see if you understand a concept. If you are unsure about whether or not your textbook offers complimentary homework site, ask your instructor or look up your textbook online.

Use a Homework Helper Website

Another useful place to find homework answers is through online assignment help websites. These sites are usually only helpful when you need assistance in a class that uses formulas. There are homework help websites that offer open formulas. You simply fill in the numbers and press enter and the website will give you the correct answer based on the numbers you submitted. While these are only useful if you put the right numbers in the right places, they do give you answers in real time that you can compare to the questions that you completed by hand.

When in Doubt: Make an Appointment with the Leader of the Pack

You can also visit your professor’s office hours to find the answers to homework assignments. Before you go visit your professor, you should be sure that you have finished the assignment and that you could not find help from any other source.