The Truth About Homework: 4 Aspects To Consider

Homework is beneficial or not? This is a very controversial question and the opinions are very different. Professors, on one side, can swear that assignments are necessary for students and that it will help them on long term. However, students think that studying at home is just a waste of time and that they should have the right to free time and vacations. Well, here are some aspects that you did not think about before:

  1. Students need to learn responsibility. Yes, they need to have some time to relax and meet with their friends, but they also have to grow up and be successful adults. During high school, teenagers don’t have any responsibility and they don’t have to work for their money. All they have to do is to get high grades in school and work on their assignments. If they don’t do this, there will be negative consequences. A simple thing like this will transform into a valuable life lesson.
  2. It stimulates the imagination. Students don’t lack imagination, but sometimes they don’t know how to use it. On the other hand, when they have to write an essay they are forced to find a way to put their thoughts on paper. The same thing goes for complicated math exercises or for drawings.
  3. It helps them realize what they want in life. How can someone know that he wants to be a doctor, if he never studied anatomy? Teenagers have little to no contact with different careers, but they can know more about them from school. When they refuse to do their assignments they don’t receive all the information that they need for the future, and this can transform into a real dilemma later. Many kids decide to be artists or writers after they work on their assignments at home.
  4. It helps them memorize better. Your brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the bigger it gets. Of course, this is a figure of speech but this does not make it any less true. In order to have good memory so you can study later, you need to practice every single day. When you are in class, you get distracted by your colleagues or your professor and you don’t focus on what you should learn. At home, when you read the same information again, you have a better change of understanding it.