Top 10 Most Effective Homework Tips For Parents

If you are a parent and you want to ensure that your child gets maximum benefit out of any homework that they do, then there are various tips that you may wish to consider, with 10 suggestions detailed below.

  1. Pick a time each day to do the work and be sure it is done
  2. Routines can be a great way of encouraging children to get work done, so it is useful to pick a time each day when you want your child to do the work. You should then ensure that the work is done at this time, so as to develop a good habit.

  3. Ask your child to create a homework diary
  4. You may wish to ask your child to create a diary of any work that they need to do. This helps to ensure that they are organized, as well as ensure that they do not forget to communicate any work that they need to do.

  5. Randomly contact teachers to see if work is being done
  6. If you have a suspicion that your child might not be doing the work they need to do, then you may wish to randomly contact their teacher, this will help to ensure that they get the work done.

  7. Set aside time to do the work with your child
  8. It can be beneficial to help your child with any work they need to do, so it can be you useful if you set aside some of your own time in order to help them.

  9. Use incentives to encourage them to do well
  10. Incentives can be a great way of boosting motivation, so you may wish to consider using them with your child

  11. Punish children if the homework isn’t done to an acceptable standard
  12. As well as using motivation, you may also wish to punish a child if they have not put in enough effort, although it is best not to punish them if the work is not good enough, but they genuinely have tried.

  13. Ensure children turn off distractions when doing the work
  14. Distractions can make it virtually impossible to concentrate, so it is important that the television, mobile phone, or any other distractions are turned off.

  15. Encourage children to get the work done early
  16. Getting the work done as early as possible can help to minimize any risk of missing deadlines, and will also ensure that what they have learned at school is still fresh in their mind when they come to do the work.

  17. Spend a few minutes to test them on the work that they have done
  18. To ensure that your child has understood the work, you may wish to spend a few minutes testing them on what you have done.

  19. Be willing to help your child whenever they reasonably need it
  20. Finally, be prepared to help your child whenever they reasonably need it, as they could otherwise find it very stressful if they get stuck.