Where To Look For Professional Help With Physics Homework

When you're looking for professional help with your physics homework, it can sometimes be hard to find the trees through the overgrown forest of websites and tutoring services out there. I'm writing this article in the hope that it may help some of you cut through the weedy section and find the real redwoods that will help you excel in your class.

Don't Believe Everything You See

The first thing I want you to understand is that all of the ads you'll see online offering “free physics help” are not true, and some simple common sense will help you grasp that fact. After all, why would anyone offer free tutoring assistance when there are so many, many students who will happily pay for it? Don't get excited by such ads, but start digging through them for the services that are worth the fees they'll be charging you.

So, how do you determine who to do business with?

Do Your Research

First, search for “physics homework help” and look at all of the companies that are listed in the results. You'll find a number of them; some, if you’re using Google, will be ads that the companies have paid for to put them at the top of the search results. Others will simply be real search results, coming up because of their SEO ratings.

Dig Even Deeper!

Now, open another browser or tab and type in “(company name) ratings and reviews.” I did this today, just so I could give you a valid example, and here's what I found.

When I searched for physics help, the entire first page of results seemed to be appealing links, with hints that each was a highly sought-after resource. I immediately went to my second tab and googled for ratings and reviews on the first listing, and found several extremely negative reviews.

Based on the comments I found there, essentially all of which were completely negative and warning me against doing any business with this company, I am quite certain that anyone reading them would prefer to look elsewhere.

One Down, Eighteen Thousand To Go!

A similar search for ratings and reviews on the next two gave me more negative reviews, and it was only on the fourth resource in my results that I found any positive comments. A quick review of their ratings showed me that, while they had a number of bad reviews about a year ago, almost all of their feedback since then has been positive. Based on this information, I would probably be willing to try their trial demo, and if the results are as good as I have read, I would probably buy their services.

So there, you have it, a quick and simple guide to finding professional physics help. Some simple research and common sense will make it possible to get the help you need and avoid the pitfalls that are common to tutoring services.