What To Do If I Cannot Focus On My Homework: Useful Hints

Is it that your homework is difficult or not interesting? You may be having too many assignments; the English paper that you have no clue about, the laboratory report on titration, Oh, you still have to calculate the algebra problems your math teacher gave you. This is too much! You now resolve to tweet, facebook or you decide to go for the play station. Whatever the reason, here are some useful hints that will help you concentrate as you work on your assignment.

  • Design a homework action plan – This is your daily work plan where you list all the assignments you have for the day and prioritize. You can start with the simplest task to the most challenging or from your favorite subject. Make a work schedule on how you will effectively manage your time when you get home to do your homework.
  • Choose a good study area – A study area is paramount in determining your concentration. Find a place either in your room with a table and chair but not a sofa. The place should have enough lighting with fresh air supply, as a dim place encourages wandering focus and sleep. The place should be off destructions like television, noise and play station. If you must have a phone, put it on silent mode or switch it off completely until you finish your assignment.
  • Find a homework partner – This partner can be a classmate or a friend whom you can consult on how to go about the assignment and have a discussion. The partner can guide you to set the goals and rewards and enable you to think about the benefits of completing the homework.
  • Take breaks – A 10 minutes break after every hour is essential and healthy if the assignment is long. Try to do some exercise like stretching or taking a walk through the house, listen to some quiet music, take some snacks like fruits, chocolate or a drink especially water to get rejuvenated.
  • Avoid procrastination – Postponing of assignment is like a disease. If you are into this habit, you will never get time to do the hoework. So, avoid things that will make you procrastinate to do your homework such as impromptu visits to friends, your favorite television show, parties and many more. Be disciplined and stay focused. Choose a strategy that you think will work for you and execute the plan.